Carpe Diem Grapes

Superior sweetness from the desert land. Water from the mighty Orange River, sunny winter days and hot, dry summers, vines that thrive in rich desert soils, all combine to produce the sweetest grapes imaginable.

The Carpe Diem Group applies the latest technology of grape production to produce the best quality organic grapes. The requirements of international food safety and environmental laws are adhered to in all aspects of production, and the various farms strictly apply GAP protocols. The farming and packing activities are certified for GlobalGAP, Organic and Ethical.

The different stages of the Packing Process.

  • Punnet pack line
  • Palletising of grapes
  • Packing of grapes
  • Weighing of grapes
  • Closing of grape cartons
  • Trimmers
  • Pre-cooling

Internal fruit inspections are done by Management. Results are recorded, as specified in the Quality Management System.

Grape Cultivars

  • Thompson Seedless
  • Regal Seedless
  • Early Sweet
  • Evans Delight
  • Prime Seedless
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