Carpe Diem Group Factory

The Carpe Diem Group Factory has state of the art equipment to ensure effective and food safe raisin processing consisting of Colour- and Laser scanners, Metal detector, X-ray Scanner, Super vacuums etc.

Carpe Diem can pack all the different raisin products to the highest standards.

Carpe Diem Group Factory | Grapes, Raisins & Pecans

Raisin Packaging

This section shows the different stages of the Raisin Packing Process.

  • Start of the dry line process at Carpe Diem, sorted product has been put on to the line and product is tipped to start the cleaning process
  • Clumps move over the schlepping deck and is broken by the declumper and goes back on the line again
  • Dry line of Carpe Diem consists of bin tipper, scalping deck, sizer, 2 decappers, 4 aspirators and a super vac and laser sorter
  • Product moves of sieves to ensure even sized product
  • 4 Aspirators and super vac removes all stems and storks to ensure product free from foreign material
  • DE cappers removes stems from product
  • Laser scanner is used to remove defect product and foreign material before product goes into the water
  • Transfers the product from the scanner to the riffle washer
  • Riffle washer – product flows over the riffles and the heavier product i.e. stones is trapped and is removed with regular cleaning
  • Draining Auger removes access water from product and transfer product to re-cleaners
  • Spinning action removes excess dirt and water from product before scanning process
  • Wet lining of Carpe Diem consists of riffle washer, re-cleaner, laser sorter, x-ray machine, automatic box filler and metal detectors
  • Laser sorter removes defect product and foreign material
  • Product passes through x-ray machine to ensure there is no foreign material present
  • Product is weighed and automatically dropped into the box
  • Final checker ensures that the product is 100% accurately weighed according to client specifications
  • Finished product passes through metal detector to ensure product complies
  • Product is stacked on pallet and wrapped by automatic wrapper