Carpe Diem Raisins

Gog van der Colff had the vision of a small raisin factory to complete the processing and marketing chain of his farm’s continued growth of raisin production. The Raisin factory was completed in 2006 and processed 600 tons for the first year.

The success of his marketing efforts soon leads to him processing other producer’s product as well. Realizing there is an opportunity to grow the raisin business, to a full-grown competitive business the plant was extended during 2008 and he started embarking on a full scale sourcing and marketing strategy from 2009.

Carpe Diem Raisins specialises in the processing of high quality conventional South African raisins and a steadily growing number of organic raisins. Organic raisins currently consist about 15% of our crop. Due to continued growth, Carpe Diem Raisins sold 50% business shares to KLK in 2015 and another 30% in 2020, thus owning a 80% business shares in total.

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Golden Sultanas/Raisins

Golden Sultana is a bleached seedless raisin and is supplied in either Medium or Jumbo size.
Ideal for natural consumption and mixes.

Thompson Seedless Sundried Raisins

Thompson Seedless Sundried Raisins Natural sun dried Thompson seedless raisins in Medium or Jumbo size. The number one edible raisin and ideal to utilise over a wide spectrum of usages including baking.

Orange River (OR) Sultanas

Seedless Sultanas in Medium size lyed and dried in the shade. Ideal for bakeries.

Sundried Sultanas (WP)

Seedless Sultanas in Medium size lyed and naturally dried in the sun. Ideal for bakeries.


Thompson Seedless Sundried Raisins, Sundried Sultana (WP) and Flame


Various quantities of Flame, Red Crimson and Midnight are available.