We source, pack and market our products ourselves to fulfil the exact needs of our customers.

Carpe Diem Raisins is one of the leading processors of organic and conventional raisins in South Africa, supplying top quality products to our customers around the globe.

The bulk of our products consist of Thompson Seedless, Golden Sultanas, S.A. Sultanas and Flame Seedless.

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South Africa produces approximately 5% - 10% of the total world production of raisins.

Carpe Diem Raisins process and market approximately 25% of South Africa’s total raisin production annually.

About 10% of production is sold into the domestic market with approximately 90% exported to buyers based in Europe, UK, North America, Scandinavia, Australasia, Middle East, and Asia.

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(dried on vine)
The vine canes are cut loose from the vine, leaving the shoots with its attached grape clusters intact on the trellis system.
The grapes will dry naturally producing a high-quality product with the advantage of:

  • safe keeping from rain during drying
  • less handling and damaging
  • less contaminants introduced

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